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DP Day 2017

What is DP Day?

DP Day 2018 is April 7th!

DP Day is the largest day of service learning at the University of Michigan! DP Day volunteers will work alongside Detroiters and fellow U of M students on a variety of tasks. The event is a chance to learn about the city, have fun and make a difference. DP Day is as much about exposing students to the great organizations and people in the city as much as it is about the work. Volunteers may sign up individually, as part of a student organization in small groups, or under a specific site leader. Friends who are not affiliated with a student organization but would like to volunteer together can create a team name and will be assigned a site leader later. Individual volunteers will be assigned a site leader later. If you have any questions or concerns email Sai Nimmagadda at saivn@umich.edu

DP Day 2018 Site Leader Registration is now open! Click here to sign up.